They really need to refer to it as Game Development, not Game Design. Game development is the catch-all. Game design is a specific thing within the game development process. Also, I'm surprised DigiPen is not higher. A lot of USC students look at DigiPen as an institution with students coming out with some killer… » 3/02/12 9:36pm 3/02/12 9:36pm

Regarding the Marquee Tool, in addition to holding Shift to create a perfect square or circle, you can also hold Alt-Shift to set the origin of that marquee's center to the position of the mouse cursor at that time. It's very useful for creating circle marquees. Just hold Alt-Shift on the center of the target space,… » 2/07/11 5:10pm 2/07/11 5:10pm

@poritsky: That is a legitimate downside compared to other options that do similar things. We will often favor cheaper alternatives, because it is cheaper to realize it may not be the right thing for you. We've covered OmniFocus in the past, and it is certainly a good option, as is RTM. » 1/05/11 2:13pm 1/05/11 2:13pm